Find out how you can have access to antifraud experts with our new program!
Fraud Prevention: Wellness Program

Find out how our Proactive Model for Antifraud can give you on-going access to antifraud expertise! Organizations with a fully implemented antifraud program can begin to shift from a purely reactionary response to a proactive model where prevention is the focus.

Our WELLNESS Program is a monthly retainer for on-going fraud prevention consultation.
Level 1

Antifraud consultation:

  • Guaranteed availability of 20 hours per month
  • Meetings, research & development, and work product
Level 2

Antifraud consultation:

Frequently Asked Questions
Is analysis included in the retainer?
Yes, if you need analysis conducted, it can be completed within the allotted hours. You will determine how you would best like to utilize the consultant for the number of hours per month you choose. This could be an evaluation of your existing fraud prevention program, design for a new program, or any aspect of compliance, fraud investigations, data analysis, fraud training, or communication strategy.

What kinds of analysis can you perform?
We can recommend analysis based on your specific needs. A few examples include:
  • Link Analysis: explain an entire case to the jury in one picture (zoom in for the detail)
  • Fraud Flow Chart: understand all of the steps for the fraud event; who touched what document or piece of data?
  • Ratio Red Flags for Fraud: financial statement analysis producing a heat map for fraud risk by scheme
  • Benford’s Law: transaction level analysis to identify possible fraudulent transactions
  • Cluster Analysis: identify points where the data overlaps, intersects or groups together in geospatial or transaction level data
What happens if you go over the monthly allotted hours?
There is an hourly fee for time above the alloted hours. The retainer level determines the number of guaranteed hours available per month. However, availability of hours beyond the level amount are not guaranteed.

Can you travel to us?
Yes, we can go onsite if that is requested or necessary. The travel time is not included in the Level 1 or 2 retainer amounts. There is an additional hourly charge plus travel related expenses. The travel hourly rate is 50% of the consultative hourly rate.

If you do not travel to us, how can you attend meetings?
Many times it is more cost-effective for you to have us participate in meetings through online video-conferencing through mechanisms such as Skype or WebX where screen sharing is available.

Will you go to third-world countries?
Yes, we have experience in developing economies in Central America, Eurasia, Africa, and the greater Middle East. There would be an additional requirement of a life insurance policy to be paid as part of your company's group policy. Depending on the type of project, it is often better for us to travel onsite to adequately evaluate operations and be able to provide beneficial recommendations.

Is the research assistant included in the retainer amount?
No, the research assistant is not included in the retainer amount. However, many organizations prefer to utilize the research assistant since the hourly rate is less than the consultative rate and they do not want to use up the allotted hours for the retainer. It provides a better allocation of resources.

Are computer forensics included in the retainer?
No, small device ( cell phone, tablet, USB, etc) and computer ( desktop, laptop, external hard drive) forensics are not included in the Level 1 or Level 2 retainer amounts. However, those services are available through us should you need them.

Can you do TSCM?
Yes, we can conduct TSCM (technical surveillance countermeasures) if that is something that you need. We have a certified individual with equipment specifically designed to detect covert listening devices or video recorders. There is a per square foot charge that is not included in the retainer.

How can I get more information about pricing?
Simply click the button below and request a phone consultation. Send us a few dates & times that are convenient for you and we can get you scheduled for a call. Our office is located in Charlotte, NC in the Eastern time zone.

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